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Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Best Bungee Jumping Locations of the World

There are a few moments in your life which completely get you on an all time high. At that minute, nothing matters, it is just you savoring the moment and taking in the delight. You transcend all the borders of pointless reasons for alarm and common things. Your adrenaline is hurrying like insane and you feel that minute might as well never end. Bungee jumping is an intense sport, where a person hops from a superbly high structure, joined with a huge elastic cord.

Bungee Jumping - Idaho, Perrine Bridge
A standout amongst the most energizing jumping bouncing spots, Perrine bridge in Idaho offers a 486 ft succumb to the Snake River. This is the main man-made bridge in the USA where bungee jumping is permitted, that too without a grant all through the year.

Bungee Jumping - Victoria Falls Bridge
Go east in Africa, you have Zimbabwe offering an impressive and amazing bungee bouncing area. This is a 500 ft drop from the Victoria Falls Bridge over the Zambezi waterway, interfacing Zimbabwe and Zambia. The rush of the hop consolidated with a dreamy spread of the waterfall - stunning! Must go!

Bungee Jumping - Grande Canyon, Arizona

This is an alternate bungee bouncing area in Arizona, USA. Here at the northern tip of Grande Canyon, Marble Canyon, at Kuskulana Bridge, you can jump from a tallness of 470 ft. 

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