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Friday, 2 August 2013

Who Said I am Alone, Top Single Mountains of world – Monoliths

Ayers Rock – Great Monolith
The marvelous single rock mountain sited in Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park, Central Australia
with the highest point of 348 m above ground level. It is called Uluru, this is a standout amongst the most mainstream natural symbols of Australia. It is made of sandstone and is consecrated to the Australian Aborigines. Interestingly, you can become witness of its color that changes continuously at the same time with the movements of the Sun.

Peña de Bernal – Ancient Monolith

The blistering structure of lonely rock located San Sebastián Bernal, Querétaro, Mexico
with the highest Point 350 m above the ground level. The monolith has been related to the Jurassic period, and is agreed to have been structured almost 100 million years prior to current era. There is a little house of prayer partly up the rock, which is a well known journey site.

Rock of Gibraltar- Monolith

It is located in British overseas territory of Gibraltar, on the Iberian Penisusla with the highest point of 426 m above the ground level. The upper part of this limestone monolith is a colossal nature store and has about 250 rare Barbary macaques. The rock is likewise famous around travelers for its various tunnels developed by the British armed force, over a time of 200 years, to store their arms.

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