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Thursday, 29 August 2013

I have a Dream Speech, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama

President Barack Obama participated as chief guest in a 50th anniversary of   Dr. Martin Luther King’s on Washington in Wednesday where his speech “I Have a Dream” roused the 250,000 natives who rallied there decades ago for ethnic equality.
Great crowds gathered at the Lincoln Memorial place, where the foremost black U.S. president spoke just subsequent to 3 p.m. local time the same moment that King conveys his spellbinding speech.
The first march was in the early hours in the chaotic 1960s, when the South still had divide restrooms, schools and careers for blacks and whites, and racial discrimination hang on across the country. In the two years subsequent the march, President Lyndon Johnson signed the landmark Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act to outlaw inequity, and King received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Additions of Obama in “I have a Dream Speech”
1.      “There were couples in love who couldn’t marry. Soldiers who fought for freedom abroad but couldn’t find any at home,” then Obama added, “America changed for you and for me,” . he has also highlight the nation’s monetary difference as evidence that King’s hopes stay put unfulfilled. The original name was given to March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
2.      Obama further added that King is one of two people “more than anybody in American history.” The second one is Abraham Lincoln. Thousands of citizens were in presence in wet weather.
3.      Two earlier presidents, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, spoke tenderly of King’s legacy as a result of problems still to overcome.
4.      Clinton said during his period “This march, and that speech, changed America,”
5.      Carter declared that  King’s efforts had helped not just black Americans, but “In truth, he helped to free all people.”

6.      Winfrey said that King forced the realm “to wake up, look at itself and eventually change.”

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