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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Top 5 Difficult Mountains to Climb – Challenge For Climbers

The expression "mountain" paints an exceptionally blushing picture in everybody's brain. We imagine a wonderful, tall, green, or blanketed top, slicing through the mists, yet these stunning structures could be exceptionally testing and hazardous to climb. Some risk elements like territory, atmosphere, location and other factors are most considerable by the mountaineers when that starts their hiking adventure. There are numerous mountain ranges all over the world the travelers from various regions of the world really appreciate to go such awe struck places with worldwide airlines including arik air as well from their native land.

1. Mount Everest

Mount Everest is Earth's premier peak. It has been known as one of the most hazardous and difficult peaks to climb, with the great number of death of climbers more or less 200 deaths. The causes of death consist of avalanches, injury from falling or ice collapsing, or health problems related to the conditions on Mount Everest. It is a dare to climb this peak due to its height, the weather conditions, the terrain, and the itinerary taken.

Location: it is located in Nepal Tingri County, Tibet Autonomous Region
Height: 8,848 m
Challenging Factors: Avalanches, ice collapsing, exposure to extreme cold and wind.

2. Annapurna I
Annapurna I was the first peak more than 8,000 m to be scaled, and this endeavor was achieved on third June, 1950, by Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal. The predominant rising of Annapurna I is of extraordinary notable noteworthiness in the realm of mountaineering, as this climb trip was done in one season, without the utilization of oxygen cylinders.

Location: it is located in North-central Nepal
Height 8,091 m
Challenging Factors: Big ice cliffs and seracs.

3. Baintha Brakk
Baintha Brakk, is also acknowledged as 'the Ogre', is a giant of a mountain. It has popularity for being one of the hardest mountains to climb, as it is a deadly blending of high elevation, steepness, and its altitude above local landscape. A striking characteristic about this mountain is its complex rock tower-formed crest, which appears practically difficult to climb for the mountaineers.

Location: it is located in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Height: 7,285 m
Challenging Factors: Granite tower-shaped peak,high altitude, steepness.

4. The Eiger
The Eiger is the most unique massif of the Bernese Alps. Starting from the north tip of this mountain is the harsh part, due to danger of torrential slides, pulverizing rocks, and decreasing ice fields. Climbers favor climbing this mountain throughout the winters due to freezing ice which supports them to climb up on from north face.

Location: it is located in Canton of Bern, Switzerland
Height: 3,970 m
Challenging Factors: Avalanches, crumbling rocks, diminishing ice fields.

5. K2
K2 additionally passes by the name Mt. Godwin-Austin, and is viewed as a standout amongst the most in fact challenging crests to scale. It is the planet's second-most astounding peak, and is ghastly perilous, as even the most straightforward track route taken requires crossing a glacier, steep areas of rocks, and seracs  are the threatening elements for hikers.
Location: it is located in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, China
Height: 8,611 m
Challenging Factors: Glaciers, steep sections of rocks, seracs.

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